Music. There are hundreds, thousands even, of genres of music in the world, and new and emerging types are being created every day. The impact music has on this world is astronomical and is completely different for every single person.Someone once asked me: If music is so impactful, which ones are impactful to me, and why?

My Musical History

I believe, remembering back the one Genre of music that impacted me so much in my young life was The Great Scottish Highland Bagpipe music. My grandfather was born and raised in Scotland, married a beautiful English woman, had three amazing children and moved to America when my mother was a child. Growing up in a English/Scottish household introduced me to the mystical drones of the bagpipe at a very early age. To this day the sounds of Bagpipes bring a wave of emotions to me. Happiness, excitement, sadness.

I grew up listening to music that my grandparents enjoyed: Such as Shirley Bassey, Classical music, Bobby Vinton, and the like. My mother introduced me to one of the most impactful genres of music that open a flood gate to music that today still impacts me the most. She introduced me to Hard Rock with Billy Idols “White Wedding”

Through Billy Idol I found other Rock and Metal bands. Twisted Sister, David Bowie, Duran Duran, The Cars, Tears for Fears and a plethora of other bands from the late 80’s.

Defining ME

Some of the most impactful bands from this era that, shaped who I am today were : The Cure, Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, London After Midnight, and Skinny Puppy. Classified under the gloriously named genre of “Goth Music” the dark and macabre themes paved my early teens years (Cliche I now). Through that love of dark music I found a love for Punk and Heavy Metal.

As I grew up in the 90’ I fell in love with genres like: Grunge, Ska, Ska-punk,and Techno (and its hundreds of sub Genres). This eclectic musical interest has followed me throughout my teens and adulthood, and I am still to this day finding new and amazing music that will continue to impact me.